Technical specifications Mitac Mio P Mine from HK does’t have the pigtail. How can I make this work? I have thoroughly researched each of the forums and have gone through the various problems, issues, and methods of solving them, and I’m still convinced that I would like one. I’m running a 4Gb SD card with no problems here.

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Has anyone got one yet?

Especially bearing in mind the issues that exist with the P I know what you mean though – it’s a shame. There’s no reason why it does not as it goes to an URL, downloads a small file packedephemeris.

I am sure the max. The nav voice can be heard over the music.

Transcend 4GB Secure Digital Card (SD-Kaart) | TS4GSDC voor Mio C710

I made the power patch mip too on my Mio P Good luck getting that hardware id changed error fixed, Mio US support said to return the product to get a new one Also the screens flickers constantly. But perhaps you can tell me how to check it from my device and I’ll let you know?


Or did he lie on your shelf for many years, decided to ponostalgize a little and remember the old era? Despite it’s still in beta.

PDAMODS store: COMPLETE IN-CAR VOICE NAVIGATION KITS, Mitac Mio Standalone Navigation Systems

MIO currently say they dont know of this issue on this firmware revision That’s better then most gps recievers. The only thing I miss about the MioMap was the fact that it labeled every street visable on the p3550 Odyssey shows only key streets and all cross roads. It is used extensively with GPS-capable cellular phones as its development was accelerated by the U.

It gives me this me this message: What are you using to see that dB-Hz not dB by the way level you mention? From fully charged, it may take 2 or 3 days to be discharged completely. This happens even with a Clean Reset and nothing installed.

It will now keep the Manual settings.

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I found that quite a few other zdhc weren’t willing to ship to Europe. Mass, Thanks for that – looks a good deal. I realise that there will be an issue with the manufacturers warranty if I purchase the US model, however I do have friends in the US who can send it back if needs be. Is this “testing procedure” documented anywhere on this site?


This will ask you if you want to exit Mio Map and you select Yes. Hi all Newbie here.

USB 2.0 Card Reader / Kaartlezer voor SD / SDHC / MicroSDHC / MMC

Both of mine had all the same numbers other than the last three. Flash files, drivers, utilities. When using MioMap V3. Originally posted by Tryptamon Hi, first post here! By ziksinskiJunior Member on 18th September There is one thing that happens after running MioMap or Route 66, CE Monitor can’t longer show satellite positions and signal strength. Has anyone had any luck in finding the US rom?

Just got my p back from mio after a reflash.