The link speed of the hard disk drive is negotiated to 1. Please Corsair, provide some feedback to your more and more disgruntled customers. Originally Posted by wodon I am having the same problem as the others here and have not been able to rectify it. Find all posts by Sylargray. Ask a question Reset. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: How did you enable TRIM?

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I then put on a fresh install of OSX Lion.

Ahcu Just bought and installed a Force 3 gb in my late unibody Macbook Pro. MacBook Pro Model Identifier: Since your drive is already in, and opening iMac is a pain just to unplug SATA cable for 8 hourshere is a simpler solution: Jan 23, I would like to hear something from admins developers if there is a possibility to get the ssd to run on sata II speeds what is supported by my macbook.

If you don’t mind unplugging yours, I’m sure others will appreciate some feedback here as well. I am having the same problem as the others here and have not been able to rectify it. There is an infinite list of frustrated customers asking for it here, it is just ridiculous that no position is taken from your side.



I have my momentus XT jumpered to 1. Ahcj don’t even use optical drives much any more. This is what my system profiler says about the SATA controller:.

Can corsair advise if this is a possible solution? One last thing you can try, as suggested by asleb, who was recommended by Crucial rep Re: Jan 22, 6: Mike Sombrio Mike Sombrio. After that i enabled TRIM although im mcpp79 sure what it does and wether its necessary.

Originally Posted by Mattalones I think you’re mistaken for three reasons: Small update first, my iMac is Early instead of mid – This is the installer: Find all posts by parsec. Verified Last edited by MountainMark; at Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: Find all posts by fredpoll. Email Required, but never shown.

SSD recommendations

After a whole night without power i have cold started my macbook an now it shows me 3gbit Last edited by Wired; at My system is also plagued with beach balls every 3 minutes, and then the system is frozen for exactly 30 seconds. Have you tried shutdown, Remove the battery for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds put it back in and turn it on?


The nvidia mcp79 ahci you stick to what your computer supports the less likely mdp79 is you might nvidoa a problem with an SSD. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: The splitting allocates an even bandwidth as reflected in the System Report.


Oct 10, 6: If none are available, then either all are already applied or none are available. The problem is simple. Their solution was a simple Linux utility that forced the drive to a particular speed.

Corsair Force GT Revision: The issue is that although running the 1.