Seems there is code to try to enable msi or msix later. I am wondering if the patch described by “attikon Ion ” is actually in fact still working in Ubuntu 9. Essentially the symptoms are: They won’t search in the launchpad or in google for a fix. Stefan Bader wrote on

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[all variants] nvidia mcp55 ethernet not working

Things I haven’t tested yet are the surround output at the back as well as the 2nd network jack. I’ve tested the current development kernel 2. This was a problem for me in Ubuntu 8. Spent a good four hours looking at the problem and trying various fixes; the post by Tom was extremely helpful, but in no way would I have figured it out on my own.

Reboot and prair. In the Gusty Tribe networ, live installer, open a terminal:.

Sadly, I cannot try to test and debug it since I don’t have it. Darek travelling-student wrote on Yes, this is what it might look with MSI: Please see our cookie policy for details. Oh, and there is another consideration which netdork that my kernel config is a custom kernel config of mco55 own choosing, so it could be that applying my kernel config instead of the Ubuntu kernel config to either the Ubuntu Can anyone please explain, in relatively “human” English, what I should do to fix this permanently!


Motherboard Driver – nForce Driver Version for MCP55 | NVIDIA

I will try and read metwork a bit on how that’s done this weekend, but I suspect it won’t be easy for a novice like me. Testing shows that they do not fix it. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

Is your mcp55 nvidia ethernet working on hardy? Yeap, the command by Tom works miracle.

nVidia MCP55 Network Cards

The workaround using the forcedeth parameters and update-initramfs works. Which would make me think the following should prevent NM from doing anything: IIRC kernel updates rebuild initramfs and pick up the forcedeth options so once you have it working you never need to do anything again.

I’m currently using a fresh install of 8. I was having problems with large data transfers. Ive tried alot, and very very tired of it. Hi, thanks for the speedy reply.

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Black Sliver andreas-lausch on Not everyone has the patience to log in and out of Windows to try out each single tip. I am very busy with other projects right now, so I am not planning to experiment any more with my system which now works. The following link, shows in detail, what are all the various options, ive tried.


The time now is Users can try the development Intrepid kernel from the kernel-ppa at http: And, eagerly, patiently, checking the forums with a hope that, atleast one day or other the problem, might get fixed.

Hopefully the patch describe by “attikon Ion ” is still working. I had a problem which had similar or identical symptoms to the problems other people reported.

I was getting the problem reliably until then, so I’m pretty sure one of the several forcedeth patches in that kernel fixed it. SUSE uses cookies to give you the best online experience.