I’ve just started using it regularly, and my driving accuracy and distance has greatly increased. Posted 07 October – Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So every shot feels like you hit it dead center. Mine is very compact with a faster tempo. I am now getting a draw shape but believe you me you can still slice badly with this club!! I have a lot more control this way with plenty length as I average with this driver.

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Now you can correct your slice without sacrificing any distance. The MACTEC NVG2 driver is geared more toward the average player, with more weight in the heel area to fight a slice, a less-stout shaft, and a slightly simplified design that is more cost efficient. Posted 15 April – The clubface is not as deep as many jumbo-sized drivers, creating a very wide sweet spot.

Best driver I’ve ever hit. I tried to find the NVG2 driver back in on ebay but couldn’t find one and then forgot all about til I saw this. To me, easy is good. Thanks for making a driver that makes macgregpr begginer look really good. Love this thing and for what they are going for these days you’d be kidding yourself to not try one out. I played it for several weeks before writing a positive review of macggegor driver. I also hit more balloon jobs huge backspin with those drivers, albeit with stock stiff shafts.

  MUSTEK [email protected] 2448TA PRO DRIVER

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I paid 50 for it new, fits me better than any driver I have ever owned still to this day. And lefties take note: Lefty models are available in 9. Buy it, hit it, and hurt your friends feelings and ears. To give you an idea, I’m about a 9 or 10 handicap.

We found the extra spin its specially designed Fujikura shaft imparted helped to get shots airborne easily to maximise carry distance. Last night I tried a different driver Mizuno at the range to get the feel of the stiff flex shaft, and my miss hits went nowhere.

The driver is improved in terms of workability. When it comes down it seems to get a good roll on it, I think this is probably due to the speeder shaft that doesnt launch the ball to high. The sound and the sight are singular. Posted 26 July – Your review title You must enter a title.


I was hitting my 9. I love this driver.

From the Toney Penna and Tommy Armour drivers 46 the Tourney and Eye-O-Matic drivers, many of the most-loved and most-played persimmon woods of the last century. A great club, the 3h is great too.

MacGregor Mactec NVG2 Draw Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You will be as amazed as your friends are after they see you crush it. This reduces stress on the face and makes it possible for the face to be thinner and more lively over a larger area. The club sits very well at address. I tried the mactex on a launch monitor today. Price is right, and I also got a hybrid as part of their new promotion.

I tested two other drivers then found a mactec. Please try again later!