Dimensions Height x Width x Depth: Hi Steve, long time no talk, great post. There is an application for OSX called Webcam Settings that works pretty well, allowing you to set exposure, focus, brightness, aperature, etc: Hey Steve, I just got one of these cameras, and the problem I’m having on my Mac is that it defaults to x We don’t do drivers. Be seen in amazing clarity and detail thanks to the full HD glass lens and premium autofocus.

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Otherwise I need a faster machine.

Send it a new frame every time you receive a new frame from the webcam. Maybe in Firewire or using an acquisition card? The other 2 cameras were not able to pick up the other person that the Logitech C photo test.

Logitech C PRO HD Webcam, p Video with Stereo Audio

The Logitech C photo test seem to add much more detail to the photo. I just found this app though, pretty simple and you can have access to different settings, zoom included. Taking full advantage of the H. The odd one so far is absolutePanTiltwhich expects a buffer of two 4 byte numbers:.


C920 HD Pro Webcam

I can’t find a utility or control panel that will change this setting. Looking for more See all results: Find the products that are right for you.

Cameras, Lights, Microphones, etc. Hi Steve, long time no talk, great post. Sound isn’t quite in sync.

Mac Compatible Webcam Reviews

Thanks a lot, Ben. And video capture mxc use less space on your hard disk or SSD, and make file uploads to sites like YouTube faster.

Over there all the export settings are listed out to make sure your audio and video are in sync. How is the video quality with Facetime?

Full HD p video calling with stereo audio. Keywords webcam uvc quickcam logitech lifecam usb c Hi, I spent a day trying to figure out how uvvc access zoom settings of c The C is not officially supported on the Mac by Logitech. Looks okay, NOT great, but okay.

Best USB HD Webcam with control on OSX or alternatives? – beginners – openFrameworks

One person was excited that he could use this cam and produce p videos on his Macbook Air, but I can’t find any followup of him succeeding in the year that has passed.

If below, the FPS drops down.


So if you’re doing blob tracking or marker detection or any other computer vision stuff, this probably v920 what you’re looking for. However, the QuickCam has its auto exposure enabled by default, which is absolutely deadly for stable tracking results.

Looking for support for this product? I was able to get to the raw camera images through the QTKit Framework in no time. Please use a more current browser to view our site.

I have googled extensively and find people reviewing this cam on macs and, as you did above, and are able to produce p vids. To keep data streams manageable – and to save significant disk space when capturing video to your hard drive, H.

There is an application for OSX called Webcam Settings that works pretty well, allowing you to set exposure, focus, brightness, aperature, etc: I want more pixels and Test with RunKit Report a vulnerability.