Upgraded through several new releases. Speaking of great experiences, I mentioned the Lenovo hardware warranty above. I’m planning to revist Fedora 11 and Linux Mint 7. Almost everything works, and works well. Unofficially they take 8Gb. They generate acpi events. But free-as-in-speech also delivers benefits to the failing computer and its user:

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Results 1 to 10 of It’s even smart enough to know to load the Intel driver so you can use the Compiz effects.

My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven | Cory Doctorow | Technology | The Guardian

You don’t have to jailbreak Ubuntu to get it to run unapproved software. Anywhere I’ve got a working computer and an internet connection, I’ve got everything I need to fail gracefully. In this regard, it’s not so different from any other OS. I don’t have to take a rescue disk on the road with me, don’t have to try to run out to the Apple store at 8: Well I could move my mouse but that was about all.

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

That’s what free-as-in-beer gets you. The fan runs all the time on both AC and battery, just slower on battery. I only get around 5 hours with heavy use. The battery life is not as good. I used to run Ubuntu on an XT till last month,the hardware is not supported by Lenovo officially, but i was satisfied with it over all.


They were generally good machines, design-y, and they ran the Mac OS, which was the only operating system I used on my desktop.

My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. With my ThinkPad, I just call a toll-free number and the next day, or sometimes the day after, a technician comes to my office or hotel room practically anywhere in the world and fixes my computer.

Not sure I want to try again. Thanks a lot in advance. See our Sustainability Report. New Laptop 5 days away!

Ubuntu on Lenovo Models | Ubuntu

This is a continuous laptop issue with Ubuntu This — my third X-series ThinkPad — is shaping up to be everything I expected from the line and more: Best Linux distro for X?

Message 1 of September 6th, 4. September 9th, 5. September 22nd, 8. Lenovo X Owner’s Thread I do not have a webcam on my configuration.

Join Date Sep Beans 1. Used for web browsing primarily, used Thunderbird for some time ,enovo stopped in favor of web mail, occasionally use LibreOffice, occasionally Slack, Pinta for light image editing September 21st, 7. You can sit down and use Ubuntu and it will get out of your way and just let you do whatever you want your computer to do for you, with no drama.


Using Vista, the system fan only spins up to about rpm after long usage. The problem with writing about switching lwnovo Ubuntu is that there’s very little to report on, because it is just about the least dramatic operating system I’ve used, especially when paired with the extended warranties Lenovo sells for its ThinkPads.

But when you find the need to tinker, Ubuntu reveals as much configurability as you could care for, starting with installing unapproved programs and drilling all the way down to rewriting parts of the OS if you ubunt the ability and desire to do so.

I’m probably making it sound a lot worse than it is.