Any updates on this issue? Let me know what you find. Only use mediaopt to set the driver to full-duplex. You could test with an older iANS driver and the same adapter driver by download version Something changed, and I also get the odd times it does it. I have the same problem. I am sure others will run into this issue.

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How should probes be for this comfiguration? Please type your message and try again. As you can see it was quite smple to install a Windows driver! I have a feeling the nic intellr into a broken sort of state.

WAN NIC losing link on Intel(R) PRO/ (only on x, not on x) | Netgate Forum

I use a Intel Dcc with 4gb ram I know overkill. I will try to help you out here starting with the easy questions. You can enable it on an em interface using ifconfig 8. I hope this information helps you track down a better solution.

He suggested testing your performance using a program like Microsoft’s NTttcp using multiple threads. And also what about pro1000 error events on windows logs?


The problem started, after 5 reboots. The XP machines since they do not support ipv6, they lose connectivity.

You could test with an older iANS driver and the same adapter driver by download version I temporarily placed an identical model with opnsense in place of this box.

Happy to provide whatever other information would be useful.

Unable to allocate bus resource: When the install was fresh I could run PFSense for a few seconds to a few minutes before Pfsense stopped serving requests. Unfortunately the problem remains. A warm reset should be sufficient. Plugging a different device into the provider gives me an ip immediately.

Disable hardware checksum offload – Unchecked. With respect, your issue is completely different – as it affects a different NIC using a different driver.

Downloads for IntelĀ® PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter

On a related note, connectuon stumbling upon this thread I saw the comment about DCC and was curious about this issue. It’s the only type of firewall that we have with Intel Pro ‘s that has this issue.

Yes, this is normal for bulk adapters. Thanks to cmb who pointed out the solution. Do the connections still get dropped? Any updates on this issue? The adapter you use has been around for years, so the adapter driver is not updated porrt.


Driver for Intel Intel R PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Network Connection – downloading and installing it

About the errors with Event ID 11 and 13 about the adapter disconnecting: Performance when copying files is not likely to approach the potential bandwidth available on the network ddual because of other system bottlenecks in the hardware and the OS. I think I will look for a dual interface card to resolve my problem.

All hardware requirements listed apply to use with FreeBSD. Furthermore it supports TCP segmentation offload TSO on all adapters but those based on theand controller chips. Repeat this for any other em interfaces and ignore any errors – I can’t remember which of these three flags em uses and don’t have any boxes with a em interface to hand.