Can anyone else tell me a different way to tell. I have been to Shezhen were many club manufactures plants are and there are and alot more plants in surrounding cities and in hong kong. If the Clubs are fake they have to refund your money since its illegal to sell fake clubs. Do not know what to believe … Find no complaints when I search on the Internet. Does anyone have any info on the sites buycheapgolf.

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You guys like to spin your wheels too much. He played the golf as better improve. They are not even responding to my emails now, though they have a 7 day return policy. Other than that that these were very good counterfeits with only very mimimal differences from the genuine Ping clubs. I bought a D3 Titleist online. I purchased Callaway Edge irons from onlinegolfwholesaler. Rockbottom does not get it golf clubs of the brands of Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Cobra, Mizuno through authorised channels.

If you ship these to me she is going to have my balls for breakfast.

Been away fske golf for 7yrs just got the bug back and this driver makes it so easy to see why I love to play. And that is why we put together the most comprehensive checklist. Did you read the refunds and returns policy? A very strong rubber smell.


Today’s Golfer

Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. That is a shame but you gaylormade a honorable person for reimbursing the buyer. The SuperFast product performed sensationally, and only Bryan was slightly off put by the colour of the head. What is difficult is I am interested in the R9 i forged irons, which are not available in the US.

I bought my Corza Ghost from him and it came with the original TM sticker. Yeah, I was hoping to avoid it but that may be the route I need to go. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Also look for imperfections on the finish of the irons, etc. Send your money now, buy, buy, buy. Has anyone experienced any problems with fake items from this site?

beautiful: Fake alert! How a driver Taylormade burner rubber spot.

I consider these to be authentic. Their website suggests they will charge for a restocking fee. The head is massive! Took them to Drummond golf for bending 2degrees upright and they snapped.


Are these burner 2.0 irons fake?

Have just bought the white driver second hand and rushed off immediately to the range. Stay away from golfsaletime.

They all seem to have prices that are low but each seller is top rated with their own eBay store and accept returns.

Stay away from this web site. I have contacted them and asked for serial numbers and answers…. Has anyone heard of this site. Do the right thing and spt from your local retailer aa be assured of receiving the genuine article. Here is a list of Callaway authorized online retailers. There are several sites that all look similar, one umbrella company pulling the wool over our eyes. Thank you for the post.

So, because it is too expensive to pay American workers and use American materials, the Chinese economy will reap the bulk of the benefit of the golf club manufacturing market excepting U.