It’s just that I’ve have had problems with internet cards before and I hope it won’t cause any problems with other cards I might try to install Visit our donation page at http: This is a shot in the dark but try this one. I already installed You will find it under accessories, system tools on your start menu. Click here to make an optional donation.

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Gx have to buy a new card if I can’t find these. I think it may have the same chipset. Here’s the other information, as much as I can find: Posted April 13, edited. Still, having the system work almost out of the box is a huge improvement. Posted April 30, After upgrading to 3.

Nice find, i’d like to try this out if I get a chance. Nevermind — apparently there’s a known bug with VB 3. VirtualBox boots it without modification:. Click here to make an optional donation. I’m going to leave it running overnight and see what happens. Now I’m looking into making my own retail installation of Snow Leopard on my laptop, but making the minimum modifications required to an untouched Snow Leopard install DVD and using Chameleon.


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Gvr12usb Driver Request Post. Intel Xeon Quad 2. Posted February 13, Posted February 14, Can you maybe tell me how to reverse the installation if I need to? Ethernet works flawlessly, even with the bridged adapter One could easily set up VNC on it, hehe.

That worked for me in vmware. What version of Windows? Posted March 31, The biggest advantage of a retail installation is that it can be updated way more easily, as you’ve built it yourself and you know what you need gdt repair or fix.

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It seems to get stuck vvgr12usb for now. Are you posting the model number exactly as it appears with any spaces or dashes?

VirtualBox boots it without modification: Visit our donation page at http: With that, I have a working Snow Leopard installation with wireless working, which is enough for tinkering and development purposes. If you have success with a cracked distro but not the retail DVD, I suggest you simply install the cracked distro first, create yxt second virtual hard disk, and install the retail version from your booted working cracked OS X.



Would really need these drivers Started by AghasterFebruary 13, This is a shot in the dark but try this one. I was looking into hackintosh stuff last summer. Oh and, it’s running super fast, with video acceleration and everything.

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