The Latitude pallet, however, offers even more models which are trimmed particularly in the direction of mobility. For high end gamer the performance could be not sufficient for class 1 graphic cards. Except for the graphic performance the E barely ranks behind the bigger E We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The Latitude E also can, when required, be equipped with a power boost thanks to numerous upgrade possibilities , but the primary qualities of the notebook lies in other areas.

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Graphivs to the justifiable price and the warranty time with a minimum of 3 years the notebook comes in question for private as well as business clients.

Dell Latitude E Laptop Video Graphics Driver software download

Optically the Dell Latitude E can’t be distinguished from its workstation colleague the Precision M A fine debut for the new Latitude E-series family, with only the price remaining to be seen. So it may come to impairments through the surrounding case when using the touchpad keys single handedly, or we found the TrackPoint keys a bit too sticky in our test sample.

Except for the graphic performance the E barely ranks behind the bigger E Nevertheless, the metal display lid put away higher selective pressure without any problems. Nevertheless, for a professional CAD use the Precision M is predestined, being tested and certified for this purpose from numerous CAD software manufacturers. The typing experience has to be described as rather jerky, whereas a slight bending of the keyboard under pressure could be noticed.


While it is definitely more rugged than the standard E or E ATG, it may not be as ingel as other fully rugged notebooks. We’re certain the thinner alloy sections where used in order to keep weight as low as possible, but flex is something you don’t want to see in a business notebook.

Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Video Graphics Driver

In regard to the graphic two different equipment variations for the Dell Latitude E are offered. The Dell E offers identical options as in the Precision M The typing experience has to be described as a bit jolting because of the significant pressure point.

Dell Latitude E Source: After removing the lid, for which only a single screw had to be undone, it turned out that obviously a fastener of the principally extremely robust metal lid had broken off. Negative effects affecting typing through this could not be detected, though. For instance the Latitude E with a The E is a major upgrade from the previous D For outdoor usethis is not particularly relevant.

This can be described as clean, though thin and lacking bass. Because the E with its moderate equipment in grpahics to CPU and GPU stays interesting in pricethe configuration of our test sample on e6040 could also prove to be of interest for many Office dlel. Dell is one of the world’s best known laptop manufacturers and makes a broad range of machines for both business and consumer markets. Initial cutbacks become apparent in the offered performance reserves, however.

In standard use, however, this state should be barely ever attained. In combination with an appropriate contract, an almost unlimited connection to internet can be established.


Temperature Even after a longer period of selective load of the system the case surface stayed at a pleasant temperature. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Vraphics to a modulary Multibay drive slot, the E can be adjusted to fit individual needs. The suspicion that the same screens are built into the Latitudes as found in the Precision models of the same size was confirmed by our measurements.

Alternately, more efficient chips can be ordered out of the current Intel Centrino 2 product range, in which the T CPU with del.

In comparison with other, inteo with for even higher performance equipped, business notebooks, the Latitude E took its place in the middle field. Overall, the E XFR is a very strong rugged notebook, especially for customers who want to purchase all their laptops from a single vendor. In the Cinebench R10 Benchmark testthe Dell Latitude E achieved an above average result e64000 the rendering throughput. In the tested configuration the Latitude E comes in question for especially very mobile office users who are dependent on circumferential communication equipment and expect an unproblematic outdoor use — thanks to the optional battery solutions even for a whole day.

Dell Latitude E Series Processor: It is the law.