I am now getting FPS of Lets keep the fingers crossed and thanks for the advice. No top submitters this week. I use BelArc to take a snapshot of my system so I can keep track if anything changes. Now I reboot my machine and choose overseas servers and get pinged out, that I accept. No top submitters this month. So it seems that if you have this problem and use the Microsoft remove function you are still leaving crap behind. Edited January 3, by Sonovabich.

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Then I played 3 straight games for worpd 1. It’s certainly not a hack m8, don’t worry about that, i and many others will i have no doubt been kicked with this message, the only thing i did was update my PB but if you want to know more about stuff like this ie what it is and what causes it, it would probably be better to Google the error, you will get more sense out of people who have had this than you will get from Punkbuster.

Posted January 7, There is no pattern here. Posted January 12, Posted January 3, edited. I am now getting FPS of Posted January 6, Sign In Sign Up. Dead Space Mouse Fix.


Call of Duty: World at War PunkBuster kick fix – General – PCGamingWiki Community

Looks like PunkBuster kicks me out now every 20 minutes, I even installed Windows 10 but same issue so I moved back punkbuwter Windows 7. Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down. When I uninstalled and really had a hard time installing it back again. A place to start I guess.

So back to my original question, if you look at the attached file, is there anything in that list that would cause this error? Then click “all windows games”. Strike Force – Configuration Files.

Did you re-install windows and just BF4 and still see this issue? I use BelArc to take a snapshot of my system so I can keep track if anything changes. I have an open ticket on this but only 2 days old.

I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine. This fix was originally found and downloaded from a thread on the Bad Karma clan forum sitewhich itself pointed to a MediaFire link. Edited January 3, by Sonovabich. I thought I had it, removed more programs.

call of duty world at war error

Frustrating beyond belief no doubt to have to work through crap like this. Posted January 5, This programme allowed me to start uninstalling programme after programme but does a registry scan after each uninstall to check if nothing is left behind.


By Jeth Calark Find their other files. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Since PunkBuster dropped support for Call of Duty: If you are logged in and cannot contribute to a post then you may need to join the ‘club’ for the game area you are in. This kick from PunkBuseter just started in early December.

Burnout Paradise Remastered – Atomika Disabler. Then click the down arrow tab where it says game. Locate Battlefield 4 then click add game this will update it.

If the game is short less than 20 min then I seem to last.