These are both beautiful clubs. Because of the abundance of Players Irons currently available, we divided that category into two categories: The M1 7-iron is visually appealing to me as far as the finish and overall look. Damn, yards with a 7 iron! Pavini Sep 28, at 8: The M1 definitely was more suited for my eye, and produced more consistent ball flights. The tapered sole design is really a tremendous asset.

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Personally, not a fan of seeing the face slots. Buying more than one item?. We have edited each of the posts for brevity, clarity and grammar. Allan Apr 19, at We also want to thank those of you who provided feedback on the voting process itself.

J36 Combo Irons

Working the ball both ways was not a problem. The next I really went after it, same CRACK and ball just flew but to my surprise it was a nice draw, harder draw than bricgestone first but it was a nice yard draw. I mentioned to a few other golfer that I was reviewing this set and their reaction was the same.

As has been the case since, Each of the clubs were built with the stock lofts and shafts — M2 Better bridgrstone tend to be aggressive with short irons, taking a substantial divot while sweeping long irons with more of a shallow swing. Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight.


According to the company, the process creates more density in the club face, especially high on the face. But I could see how some people may like how they frame the ball.

Both irons had a higher trajectory than my gamer 7 iron. To further enhance this trajectory control, progressive offset is also used. I love the feel, so I was excited for these.

GolfWRX Forum Members sign up to test the latest and greatest products in golf, and then they provide in-depth reviews on the equipment. The M1 was just a slight bit smoother feeling on solid shots. One of the most prominent features of the J36 cavity is the progressive cavity which lowers the center of gravity from the short irons to the long irons allowing for trajectory control in the short irons with a higher bridgestoen flight in the long irons. The most noticeable change is the move to a progressive taper sole.

There are three unique models in the Tour World line, each with slight bridgestonne in loft and head shape that are designed to fit the specific needs of forged-iron users. I was hoping I would hit the M1 better since I like the appearance better, but that was not the case. Forum Thread of the Day: The Best Game-Improvement Irons of The long irons are not overly difficult to elevate j6 maximum carry bridgestoje stopping power on hard greens.


Not a huge fan of the fluted hosel since it can be seen at address. It trailing edge relief provides better Bridgestone has made major strides in the club market with their first offerings in the J33 line.

J36 Pocket Cavity Irons

I agree on toe mishits the iron bridgestond not feel great. This was a close race, probably due to the shafts as much as the heads. Rifle Project X Flighted 5. Shafts labels are missing on most of the shafts but they are in good condition.

Very high and lands soft — yards longer on average vs my 7 iron, it even had the horsepower to hang with my 6 iron — VERY forgiving on thin strikes. Published 1 year ago on Sep 7, Same height as the M2, but much straighter off the club face.