It should be 3. Linux – Laptop and Netbook Having a problem installing or configuring Linux on your laptop? This statement is simply untrue. At the moment this EeePC won’t run Linux at all, let alone graphics problems. I think it could have kernel 3. Is this operation risky?

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In a few words, what is it about? I have posted a question on superuser, http: Join Date Oct Beans Any suggestions, short of wiping the install and redoing it which I’m happy to do?

Jay Enjoy the ride! Have you experienced it already? You must log in or sign up to post here. Hello, I see you’re successfully using ubuntu on your c. Let’s see how it will be in Ubuntu However, my favorite frontend SMPlayer has stopped working.

ASUS EeePC wireless problem |

This method really works. Welcome to Our Community While Linux. Join our community today! Keep in mind that Ubuntu support is somehow experimental, it works, but as you can see from the complicated setup, it is far liux ready for prime time I don’t expect improvements in the drivers themself, only in packaging and configuration.


What is the limux from?: I don’t recall seeing “broken pipe” but it’s possible it was there. Saturday, August 11, Lubuntu on Eeepc C with correct resolution and accelerated video playback.

Hi, sorry I didn’t specifically test battery life, asue I can generally tell you that it seems mostly comparable to Windows; I have 1GB ram so Win 7 is not an option, you can strip it down but it is still too heavy, it starts swapping too easily, becoming almost unusable.

You helped me fix it and for that I am very greatful: In order to keep the retail price of their netbook low and therefore, competitive Asus did not want to pay full price for the CPU, so it negotiated with Intel, who agreed to lower the price of the CPU. So what is the result? This statement is simply untrue.

Also Min 13 Cinnamon works very well; a little heavier but still completely usable. Just installed Ubuntu But there 105c a very simple solution that works.


Ubuntu shows very large images and Mint works very slow and shows warning that it is running in developers mode. It made my c into a little powerhouse! I was having a great deal of trouble getting a fully functioning Linux install on this hardware, and above all was especially happy just to find a clear endorsement of any Linux distro for it. I can’t exclude for sure that someone could deliver working drivers starting from those, but I think it would be easier to start from the drivers in Press F10 save and exit.

What am I missing?

ASUS EeePC wireless problem

Did you try to restart after “sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm”? I am out of luck. Hi, I’m the thread starter from ubuntuforums,how do you find the battery life? Lots have been done in power ,inux since kernel 3. Aaron Garrett 11 1 2.