And one of which i used with a pentium for a few years for videotape transfer and processing, dosbox and world of warcraft. So far I only have a little troubles with it, probably related to previous used bad behaviour: Or sign in with one of these services. Normal, High Multiplier Selection: But waiting for such components is tiresome So far it seems single GPU cards only. Would that be the PCI-Express bus slot?

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After messing with various drivers, here’s what I get: Reading through it again, it appears memory bandwidth was the key. Those boards and their variants are absolutely horrible when it comes to RAM, no matter how much tweaking I’ve done with the settings in the BIOS it seems 775udal-vsta make almost no difference and sometimes actually hurts stability.

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ASRock > Dual-VSTA

Board index All times are UTC. The weak Vcore regulator can be greatly improved by using quality caps and adding the missing caps. However, the close proximity of the PCIe x16 and AGP slot means that only single slot cards can be used if you intend to go with a multi-monitor setup.


No issues as I recall. There are absolutely minimal gains, tough. Does it behave correctly when it’s turned off?

There is visually nothing that get assrock the way, but somehow at the end of the connector neat the CPU it just leave about 1,5mm from the fully seated connector. FF crashed, 00 give errors too fast, tried 22, 33 and 44 then, 44 works. After all, E is x10, but E is x15 – eg.

I still have the board, but it’s not in use. What attract me on the board is 4 phase regulator and good overclockability. Posted July 29, edited.

ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – PT880 Ultra

Edited July 27, by trodas. My plans are to build about 8 win systems using that board, and a couple for home use too, using a pair of eitheror maybe even gb WD hard drives I have the drives and motherboards, just waiting to put them together. That is quite good and what it even better is, that near the CPU socket, there are place for 4!

Posted April 1, If the difference are not shown in the Memtest benchmark, it does not mean that it is not there and it will not reveal itself on another bench, like SuperPi. Of course the really available ram on 32bit systems are something around 3. The one board I’ve been working on so far is with Celeron 3. Posted June 16, Posted February 11, I have to agree, that except for the CPU clock, the memory bandwitch is everything there.


The AGP works with any 1.

Dual-VSTA Examined : ASRock Dual-VSTA (VIA PT Ultra – Core 2 Ready) –

Could be because of using 24pin PSU connector and the need to cut a bit the plastic at the end, I check this later to see. Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences. So, I take it that there is no high-def win driver for the realtek codec – is there?

It was a decent PC though.

Only other thing to add: That might help your situation. If I have power-saving turned on hard drive or monitor power-down after so many minutes of inactivity then the computer locks up when it enters energy-saving mode ie when the screen goes into hibernation.