To be sure that no shock hazard exists, check for current in the following manner. Insert cassette tape T 2. Put the weight g on the cassette torque meter. Check pin 92 of IC YES Check or replace capstan motor unit and drum motor unit.

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Asmax wireless pci b driver –

Check signal line between IC and IC Apply grease Worm wheel gear. Picture E-E does not appear. Small tape crcase will appear at retain guide after this adjustment finished. Align the upper drum dent with the rotor hole. This asmaxx is applied only for the mechanism. Does the key switch make good contact, when the cassette tape is inserted? Check the asamx unit. Although picture is played back, color does not appear E-E mode is possible. The winding-up torque fluctuates due to variation of rotation torque of limiter pulley ass’y.

Jig ltem Part No. Is the focus control drive voltage outputted from the pins 1 and 28 of IC? Yes Is the control voltage normally aemax the pins 7273 of IC? Since the laser diode is very susceptible to static electricity, be careful of static electricity or electricity leak from the measuring equipment when confirming the voltage.


Mounting the shifter on the back of the mechanism chassis.

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Check M 8V line. High-frequency convolution module power supply VOSC The high-frequency convolution imposes the high-frequency signal on the DC current to impose the high frequency on the drive current of the laser. After setting the mechanism chassis to the angle state, ground it to prevent the electrostatic discharge damage of the pickup.

Do not mix old and new batteries, or mix brands in use. Is the focus control signal outputted to the pin No of IC? The winding-up torque fluctuates due to variation of rotation torque of supply reel disk.

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Rotate the upper drum with one hand. YES Replace cassette cam, gear, etc. Removal Follow the order of indicated numbers. When fixing any part to the threaded hole using resin with screw, use the jig.

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Take-up side Take-up side guide roller rotated in clockwise direction lowers guide roller to flatten ATR ssmax. Removal In the cassette removing mode, remove the cassette. Make sure tension arm not run on the shifter as shown in figure c.


Capstan shaft Tension as,ax adapter Figure Yes Is the supply voltage of 3. Remove the screwsTilt screw. It keeps pushing it for 3 seconds. Be careful so that grease does not adhere to the brake surface. After installing the capstan D. Set the cassette tape in the unit.

Especially the outlet side ATR signal waveform must have higher flatness. Check start sensor shutter.