No registered users and 4 guests. Well, heres some interesting findings from our fellow forum member Phil: I originally went with the due to it being passively cooled, being quite powerful for higher resolutions with 1. I don’t any that are undervoltable either I spent a good part of the day on Sunday looking for a decent S board.

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Tue Sep 30, 4: Unless you get lucky and find someting on ebay you’ve got about 2 choices nowadays: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. If it did, I’d buy one and a 1. What is the ultimate mATX board for 1. This disclaimer aope brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Anyone own/used an Aopen MX3S motherboard?

No registered users and 4 guests. To answer on the topic, it lacks ms3s requirements. Shouldn’t need more than DX7 hardware compatability with the games that would be typical for such a build anyway, while still retaining forwards software compatability with DX8.

Nice, only flaw is the Intel base mobo, my choice would have been a VIA Apollo Pro Vba based motherboard since it was faster in games than the intel chipset. Whats missing in your collections? If you have a “standard” TV, I don’t think you would see the difference. That’s good to vba that it is overkill. Or are you just trying to fill up all the PCI slots? Sat Dec 29, 7: Well, heres some interesting findings from our fellow forum member Phil: Unfortunately, I can’t find any of them. I’ll probably end up back on my Amstrad CPC before you know it!


MX3S-T AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

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Previous topic Next topic. Without the AGP slot this board is useless to me.

This site hosts no abandonware. Users browsing this forum: Good luck finding any vya m-ATX S board anymore, heck even a half-decent one for that matter.

Kermit the Frog arm wavy yaaayyy! I’m even thinking of underclocking the processor for certain games that regards even MHz as being way too fast, which just happens to be the slowest speed I could run vva Athlon XP.

Last edited by Outtheredude on You seem to have your components pretty much decked out, the harddrives should be more than enough also when it comes to how speedy they probably are and PC cl2 is nice Aope only thing I’m missing is the model number of your internal FDD.


Tue Sep 30, 3: TIM is basically just as good and much more easy to clean. It is supposed to have a multitude of overclocking options. They are good solid boards though, certainly very stable.

Aopen Drivers Download Center

First ever post here! But why not to use the 1ghz pentium?

Tue Sep 30, However, the USB and firewire ports would be really nice