Printing is quick at a genuine 36seconds from telling it to print an image viewed on the screen to a finished image emerging from the front of the machine after it’s forth pass. Free Prizedraw Why join? Review controls Readers comments Print this review Watch this article link to this review. Philips 27 inch moni Reviews by related category Photo printers. We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles. For anyone wanting to send images post cards this certainly is for you.

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We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles. Today’s hot reads last updated Dec 29, Reviews by category Photo printers.

AgfaPhoto AP e Fotodrucker Photo Printer Zum Top Ap | eBay

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It’s well specified, supporting all four of pjoto main memory card formats currently in use, together with PictBridge printing. You may inlude URLs http: The big increase in size when in use is the 13cm width this agfz by 19cm in front when the postcard tray is loaded and you must also have at least 10cm behind clear as the card is kept perfectly flat and it goes through the machine from front to back on four passes before emerging finished from the front of the unit on top of the input tray.

The paper and the ink role are sold together and while the cost may seem a little high remember these are the only things you need.

I was impressed with the quality of the images and with the basic in machine editing that can for instance remove red eye prior to printing. If you like this article then why not link to it from your site!

Our portrait subject’s skintones looked a little flat, though, and there was perhaps fractionally less ‘bite’ in the fine detail compared with the rest.


The differences, though, were small. Bose Companion 2 Ser TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Well – there are lots of reasons to join, depending on you and your interests: A 15x10cm photo printer with a tiny footprint. This might be a cheap dye-sub, but it stood up pretty well against the rest in our tests. Come along and join in the fun! They are also the micro perforation type.

For anyone who wants to print a few images quickly then this could well be for you. It can also fix red-eye, enhance colour, contrast, brightness and sharpness and apply a small range of special effects and photo frames.

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Two soft buttons are phoyo in front of the TFT. Search Gadget Speak reviews: The colours in both the portrait shot and the landscape were accurate and the saturation was reasonable, too.

Against A bit noisy Looks cheap. The printing process is called dye sublimation and the ‘ink’ is on a film spread between two reels that fit into the base of the printer. Free Prizedraw Why join?