The irons have a slight offset that will help the average golfer square the club through the hitting zone. Your email address will not be published. You would turn it down if it guaranteed you yards and right down the middle? But the sound is by no means distracting, and I did get used to the unique sound very quickly. Kym 8 years ago. The first swings of this driver on the range brought to mind two words: Chandler M 8 years ago.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I feel that these irons will help the average golfer mid to high handicapper hit the ball high, far and relatively straight.

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. The square head shape is only the beginning — the driver head features an aerodynamic channel the powerbow diffuser on the zq and trailing edges, as well as the distinctive diffuser in the sole plate, both designed to reduce drag and encourage maximum acceleration of the clubhead during the golf swing.

Pear is not optimal from a engineering perspective and the more data they get and better software they have to show them this the more they realized this was true. Chandler M 8 years ago. If it works, who cares? I love the loks of this driver! Should hit it out of orbit. Luke 9 years ago.

Kym 8 years ago. I agree that we now have more choices of shape, and that is a good thing, but I continue to play Adams Machwpeed and Nickent 4DX and the club goes every bit as long if not longer than many of these square headed clubs which I have played and enjoyed. Slightly lower ball fight with tighter dispersion than the UST.


Nike Golf SQ Machspeed Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

However which shape do we mean? I hit the 200 irons as far or farther than my current irons, and I did notice that I got very good distance on mishit shots, especially misses out toward the toe of the club. Speed leads to distance. By Golf Channel Digital. Can I use something else besides the Nike wrench?

They must have had Machspeer Sites locked in the basement working 24 hrs a day because this stuff is awesome. A Platypus makes love to a Driver and Viola!

Today’s Golfer

If you do, let me know what you think. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? I was happy to accept the unique sound of those irons because of the game improving nke I received, but players who choose the MachSpeed irons will not have to accept that tradeoff.

nime We have become painfully numb to all the new releases over the past 5 or so years machspefd look almost like identical replicas of the previous years model…except for some new fresh paint schemes and a new sole design.

Of course the further I hit a shot from the center of the club face the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the clubface I got surprisingly good distance out of the shot. Write a Review Rate This Product: There is a significant undercut section in the cavity, behind the face which allowed for a full 50 grams of weight to be relocated back and to the outside of the face.


The irons have a slight macjspeed that will help the average golfer square the club through the hitting zone.

Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron

For my third option I would go with the Callaway Diablo very Traditional look and easy to hit as callaway has been for years. Comments I sliced with mmachspeed square dymo srt8 fit is this driver straighter. The extra distance I got with the driver, combined with how straight I hit it made me a believer in how this club can help the average golfer.

I highly doubt it. The combination of materials, textures and finishes in the clubhead, and especially the sole diffuser a cool detail is the paint edging on the sole diffuser that gradates from black to goldgives this club a futuristic look. I totally agree with every word u just said TxGolfJunkie. Notify me of new posts by email. CJ Bush 9 years ago.