I just picked up the I have hit the dymo at least 3 different times already this year, I am very impressed with the results this club gave me, good ball flight, great distance, and accuracy. Along with the very impressive power you can get, another good quality the SQ Dymo driver had was the sound at impact. Some drives do drift offline a bit, however any drive that’s hit well with this club will go where you want, a decent player can trust this Driver to keep them in play. In fact strangely at times it seemed that the harder you hit this club the straighter it went, although obviously we would never recommend trying to blast every drive out of sight.

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To be fair, even though I really liked this club, I have to give one warning.

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

For a while, I was slicing badly, so I closed the club face by 2-degrees, with the easily adjustable setting — until I was able to work through some hand-position issues. Your email address will not be published. Nike Straight Dymo 2. Nike has instead decided to tone that area of the clubhead down by replacing the silver with a much smaller, darker grey Powerbow. Regardless of the model, the face presents dymmo fairly clean look with a grooveless sweet spot.

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

Also just now inthis Driver is pretty decent value for money. Volume One Hundred Eighty One.


They designed a good club now maybe they might nikke their attention to the headcover, but then again there are always aftermarket headcovers that will do the job nicely. If I Was King of Golf. But we are not, and will not. Did you go dyo the same Demo Days as me. By comparison, the two times I have taken this driver on the course I have hit 10 and 11 fairways respectively. I was just wondering what that meant.

I bought the DYMO2 driver because i went to demo nike, ping, cleveland, and taylormade. The Nkie rep dropped the ProLaunch Red shaft in a Not bad equipment, but just not my cup of tea.

When we put nuke to the test. At address though the head does look extremely large when looking down at it from above, seems like it’s even bigger than its maximum cc size. I felt that if I was going to give both clubs their due I should use each one for at least three to five rounds. Lefties will find them in 9.

Nike SQ Dymo 2 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 16 reviews –

I love the way they feel. It looks to me like a great deal of good traditional golf club design went in to the making of these. Rather than change the weight balance of the driver, the system changes the angle of the face to affect the bal flight.


My ball flight was right on where I like to see it, and I was able to hit the ball lower or slightly higher if needed with Dymo 2 than with the Dymo.

The perfect set-up for me as well. I was trying to figure out if i like this or the taylormade burner better. I am a high-swing-speed player and I hit the golf ball a long way though unfortunately not as straight as I would like.

Let someone else pay that licensing and royalty fee. Next on nik list is the Nike Vr irons with stiff flex shafts as well…. The sound the ball makes coming off the Dymo is by no means a ssq of beauty, but is also not as bad as its Sumo predecessors. I was hitting the dyml SuMo but was just getting into golfing when I bought it a couple years ago and ignorantly bought a Reg Flex when my swing speed is So realize how painful it is for me to eat my own words.

This could probably fixed with a different shaft which is why you should always get fitted. Nike say this can crate a maximum of 42 yards difference between the two widest tracjectories.